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quarta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2010

The famous capirinha "Brazilian Original Drink"

Drink that is the face of Brazil has won the world with his taste: Learn how to enhance this delicious tradition 
Give me a lemon and I make a ... caipirinha! The famous adage acquires new watered to 40% alcohol, sugar and lots of ice in honor of most Brazilian drinks.
Strong and refreshing at the same time, the caipirinha is the ideal companion for hot summer days. Its distinctive taste is appreciated from north to south and combines well with the menu filled with beach-sea fruit, and with the currasquinho on Sunday, and shines light following a feijoada good where it is a kind of tradition, and as said by our beloved professor of abs-Brazilian association of wine steward Arthur Azevedo "feijoada harmonizes even with a caipirinha and a bed after"
The success of the caipirinha is so great that the drink has crossed oceans to spread around the world and become the drink of choice for foreigners seeking tropical flavor.
The national drink recipe is relatively simple: lemon, sugar, rum and ice, but the apparent ease inexplicable secrets to hide for those who are expert.
The biggest is the taste: a caipirinha is never the same. Even following the same recipes, the caipirinha prepared by each person is always different.
If the caipirinha is considered the national drink par excellence, the State of São Paulo is considered by scholars and connoisseurs the birthplace of the drink. The name does not, caipirinha comes from the term redneck, name that conveyed the inhabitants of São Paulo and is still used as a reference culture from the inside.
The real origin of the drink is a source of many legends. Some say it came through the slave trade that would have added to the syrup and lemon rum during their celebrations.
For others, responsible for creating the drink is popular medicine, which mixed with lemon and honey rum to combat colds, in a recipe that is still used.
"Before they used rags soaked in alcohol on the forehead of the sick to cure fever and lemon to strengthen immunity. A legend says that after sucking a lemon, alcohol flowed over his forehead and fell into the mouth of a patient. To combat the bitter alcohol, he ate sugar and thus, incidentally, invented the recipe caipirinha "
"The caipirinhas and cachaça are part of Brazilian culture, our duty to appreciate them while preserving our traditions,"
"The caipirinha is more than a beverage, is a state of mind. It is associated with joyful environments, parties, friends wheels. It shows a lot of the Brazilian spirit."
In order to preserve the caipirinha worldwide up to a presidential decree regulating the drink (see text in this page), which confirms the caipirinha as the only drink made with rum, lime, sugar and ice.

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